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About Us

Knapp Studios is run by a husband and wife duo. Both have a great appreciation for aesthetic quality and work as a team to develop products, building on one another's ideas and talents.

It wasn't long after they married, that they discovered something very special about their relationship. Jim, a master carpenter, and Kristy, a professional artist, could produce pieces that could utilize both of their professions, all while maintaining a high standard of aesthetic quality. Individually they had more to offer to the public with an array of custom furniture, cabinetry and frames alongside custom artwork and photography.

Jim Knapp graduated from college with a degree in Building Construction. Since leaving college, he worked briefly in the construction business before making a career switch. However, woodworking is in his blood. At a very early age, Jim learned the art of craftsmanship from his father. He continues to work in his workshop, producing custom products like: frames, furniture, home accessories and cabinetry. He also takes on refurbishing projects, from revamping shambled furniture to making a simple fix.

Kristy Stark-Knapp graduated from College with a degree in Studio Art. Since leaving college, she has worked mainly in the graphic design field.

Just recently, Kristy held a position on the National LWML level as a Graphic Designer on the Marketing team. In December of 2010, a children's book called "Lessons from a Rubber Duck," llustrated by Kristy and written by Melissa Saunders, hit the bookshelves. In October of 2010, Kristy unmasked a 40' mural at the Madison County Historical Museum. The mural depicts the story of Lewis and Clark on their epic journey to the Pacific Ocean. Kristy has been featured in the LWML Quarterly Magazine and has graced the front page of the Norfolk Daily News three times.

Kristy can produce custom artwork for any occasion. Her talents include, professional photography, drawing, stained glass, graphic design, web design, as well as computer illustrations. 

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Jim and Kristy Knapp
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